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Every state has legal rights, made and followed for security of the citizens. We will discuss the rights of disabled children by relating to provisions of the IDEA Act, which is an abbreviation for Individuals with Disability Education Act .This act is legally used to attain basic goal of fulfilling the education needs of disabled children of the age group of 1 years-21 years in order to make them independent in the future.

Thus, for its implementation, FAPE program abbreviated for, Free Appropriate Public Education is used. This program implements this act by the condition that student should be given free will to think and study. It has to be followed by schools, who have admitted the child with disabilities,  through techniques which are understandable to them.. In this act it is also stated that a disabled child should be provided with IEP, abbreviation for Individualized education program .In this program parents are in consent with what the school is doing in order to fulfill this program. In the cases mentioned same issue is discussed.

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Essay: Act of Legal Rights and its Implementation
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