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The events, advertisement and sponsoring ventures of Red Bull are evident all over the world. The researcher will therefore seek to use observation as one of the methods to collect data. The researcher will use an observational sheet in which he will spent time going through advertisements and events sponsored by Red Bull which he can easily find online. Some of the variables to be observed in during the exercise will include, target group, cost of events, placement strategy and coverage. Observation will be able to give accurate data on the readily available information on Red Bull marketing strategies (Dawson, 2002).

The research used different methods of data collection, therefore triangulation data analysis will be carried out. The variables collected using the different methods will be given different weighting which will later be statistically analyzed to provide valid results. In order to analyze the findings for the quantitative and qualitative research, the researcher identified a good statistical analysis method used in detailed primary investigative research to understand how Red Bull manages its public relations affairs.  From the survey, the researcher began to build the quantitative argument for advertisement, sponsoring ventures and event management activities, and then aggregating them across the sample. The data collected would allow for a small margin percentage of 0.1% error which would not affect the validity of the research.  Simple statistical formulas such as percentage mean and average would be used in analyzing the data. The results took the aspect of human behavior and reaction into consideration which was addressed in several papers such as Merriam (1998 p 45) and Leedy & Ormrod (2005 p 23).

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Essay: Advertisement and Sponsoring Ventures of Red Bull:
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