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Thus all these innovations relate to terms polymorphous diversity linked with animistic unconscious which means that these toys give the children a capability to not only perceive it as an imagination but also find a real meaning of using them in practical life. This is done by forming an affective bond between the user and device by forming personalization of  the things used for example a cell phone can used with a Pikachu accessories and a Sony walkman can be accessorized with a karaoke home system.Throughout this essay, the author has talked about the ways through which Japan has turned into a leading trader t of technology. It has used effective strategies to attract children in USA through cartoons.

From the research it has been analyzed that it has been found out that in USA youth is so much inspired by production of Japan that they wish to work with them in future. This is happening, because they have excelled at technology so new innovations can be lead successfully with the help of their expertise despite of the fact, that as to be culturally strong and gain soft power, Japan has used its own language in the games but still it has attracted people because of its unique way of novelty and has been set as a trend by marketers capturing a great share of American market.

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Essay: Japan as a leading trader of technology
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