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It is very important for the core functionalities of supply chain unit to be consistent with the organization’s corporate strategy i.e. the mission statement. It would take us in the areas of marketing management where product development strategies are kept consistent with that of the corporate mission statement. If we look at Giordano’s case, its segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies were changed in 1987 when it started segmenting females as well. The company’s promotional strategy was therefore changed and aligned with that of company’s corporate strategy which is ‘Simplicity’ (Saxena, Khandelwal 2010).

This objective is further elaborated when companies step in the international markets. There is a huge difficult for executives and managers to suggest entry modes for the organization. There are so many factors that carry equal weight as the entry itself does. These factors involve: economy, political stability, technology, culture, religion, values and various other factors. Therefore, the idea of an entry mode must provide a corresponding relationship between the prospects of a business in the international market with all other factors associated with it (Lu, Karpova, Fiore 2009). For instance, Marks & Spencer’s franchising. Similarly, Zara, in so many countries, is in joint ventures, operational alliances and wholly owned subsidiaries. Some of the entries made by Zara are equity based whereas some are based on non-equity alliances. Zara’s internalization played a key role in its success. The selection of market, introducing new product families, market entry strategies, international marketing strategies and branding considerations have made Zara a leading company among its long-standing competent rivals such as Gap, M&S and others (Lopez, Fan 2009).

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Essay: Aligning Supply with Corporate Strategy
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