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The business strategy for iphone is developed in such a way where each component of a marketing plan will correspond to the other. But at the same time there could be some barriers to launch this implementation plan. These barriers would primarily include:

–          Previous setbacks in iphone 3 and 3gs where expectations could be negative for the upcoming features. Iphone should develop in its existing versions

–          Pricing can be a difficult job for Apple where the standard of iphone 4 is much higher and may perhaps reach beyond customers purchase parameters where they have choices now

–          More and more competition makes the entry timing unpredictable and volatile

–          Budget constraints and promotional feasibility in tough economic environment.

Apple will have to make such frequent offerings available to the market in order to maximize its market share. The implementation will include all main service providers around the globe to increase profitability. This will enable the service providers all across the globe, which was not mainly a part of Apple’s implementation plan, to increase service and product accessibility. Apple will have to build more alliances in future to ensure its enduring relationship with all service providers and retailers across the globe. This association will build a true reason of pride for all the retailer and sellers to be a part of Apple iphone (Lliev, Lindinger 2004).

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Essay: Barriers to Implementation on IPhone
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