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In 2011 through 2013 there will be a certain need of 93 paramedics which will cover up $9.38 million as a gross expense. As a contribution towards this initiative, an investment of $922,900 has to be made in 2011, which includes hiring and uniforms as a net expense after revenue deduction (Cohen, Enriquez 2011). According to a data, a work load has increased by 74 percent since 1997 with 34 percent increase in total hiring throughout the period. This is an alarming situation for EMS, which indicates an immediate need for more staff in the near future, although, the investments in operations have increased significantly to 68 percent in 2011.

            The reason why we mentioned the need for hiring additional 93 staff is to reduce this deficiency. The extra staff will ease the overall burden of current staff which will ultimately increase the productivity of the overall management while making a big difference in raising employees’ moral. This approach is also beneficial in cutting costs such as sick leaves. In 2011 the addition of 31 staff and 6 ambulances will be only possible when there will be a flexibility in budget while seeking other revenue sources and loop holes for future investments (Cohen, Enriquez 2011).

          In EMS there is always a state of emergency, some of which is often life threatening. To cope up with this challenge the EMS response time has been reduced in 2010 by 61.7 percent from 64 percent in 2009. However, this is even not effective if we measure the frequency at which EMS receives life threatening calls. These calls have increased from 19,700 in 2009 to 23,700 in 2010. To meet this situation, the past data does not support any justification on effective responses towards these calls. The major reason behind such a low responsiveness is the less availability of paramedic staff and less ambulance services which needed a greater concentration from budget in 2010 (Cohen, Enriquez 2011). However, the situation is not largely different in 2011 where the operating budget is cutting expenses by 1.9 percent and at the same time not generating good revenues by showing a decline of 3.3 percent

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Essay: Budget Allocation and Key Issues in 2011 Of EMS
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