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The budget constraint has always been an integral part of contingency planning. For a budget to be enough in achieving the strategic objective, it has to show consistency in terms of adequacy with the goals and objectives of a marketing plan. Apple iphone will have to invest more in strategic areas of its core business (Calo 2011). For instance, we take an example of apple’s new ipad. This product is more on computing side rather than providing communication solutions that iphone does.

The ipad is one of the coolest gadgets of the Apple Company reaching all across the world for providing business, entertainment and computing at its best.  This required the Apple to release a heavy budget for the implementation plan of ipad. Similarly, iphone budget should be in line with what its strategic objectives are, such as: features, browsing, emailing, touch screen and entertainment. Besides, the internal components of the budget, the promotion and marketing are equally important for the budget to deliver the value at the right time, in the right quantity and at the right place (Strategy Implementation 2010).

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Essay: Budget Feasibility and implementation on IPhone:
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