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In the recent past, emergency medical services EMS in the US have been facing uncertainties in generating an effective response in different areas of operations. Regardless of all the factors, the operational budget for EMS around the globe has remained a valid reason for researchers to understand the shortcomings of the department. The budget, high or low, has a significant effect on the operations of EMS in many areas such as: ambulance services, capacity issues, operation support services etc. This paper is an attempt to see the changes in the proposed budget and its effect on the performance of EMS in all operational areas. One of the major issues facing EMS is, the lesser funds to hire medical staff such as training staff, paramedics, attendants etc. for instance, the Mount Laurel emergency medical services has launched a campaign to generate funds for recruitment of staff and in the same report the chief of EMS Mr. Pagurek highlighted the need for more ambulance services as the calls for EMS services in the city usually exceeds the available capacity (Simpson 2010).

Similarly, there are many other issues that have been found radically effected due to discrepancies in budgets. In this paper we will discuss a sample budget with respect to the effect it may ultimately have on the work performance of EMS. The budget highlights some key areas of operations plus the allocation of funds to their respective departments such as: salaries, equipments, services, rents etc. The scope of this paper in the analysis of a sample budget is to provide a clearer view of the objectives of EMS budget, which will identify the status of work performance in emergency medical services. However, there are greater concerns in managing performance related hurdles for EMS. These issues are particularly specific to the government bodies under its health care sector which involve taxation, budget and program feasibility, budget parameters as per states and most importantly funding (Devries 2011).

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