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Pragmatically, Relationship Marketing (RM) theory indicates that buzz marketing enables one-to-one marketing through consumer recommendations via individualized interpersonal networks(Möller & Halinen, 2000). Considering the affinity of the targeted market segment – the teenagers – to events and highly energetic activities,  Red Bull focuses on promoting the brand and on convincing the trendsetters via events and sponsorships to establish added-value perception over their products.

McCole (2004) adds that experiential marketing via Red Bull self-staged events and sports sponsorships allow the consumer experience necessary to create the unconventional strategies of buzz marketingin promoting the brand.Following this scheme, Red Bull was able to dominate the US$ 80 billion energy drink industry in 1999 with a marked 68% market share (Pride & Ferrell, 2006; Franzen & Moriarty, 2008). Advertising, sponsorship and events management focused in applicable sports or high energy activities that interest their target segment are employed by Red Bull to create an open window for marketing the brand.

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Essay: Buzz Marketing in Red Bull
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