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In the Appendix 1, the program summary of expenses shows a complete detail of historical expenses and revenues. Moreover, the projected and approved budget for the year has also been shown in the category of expenses and revenues. In expanses we have a major priority towards the staff. From 2008 to 2010 the increase in salaries expense has risen over $11.5 million. However, it is further reduced by around $1.8 million in 2011 approved budget (Cohen, Enriquez 2011). This reduction is an indication towards cost cutting approach in operational area of EMS which may result in further layoffs.

The current situation is turbulent to the risks related to immediate service provision by the EMS as it requires a greater response by the workforce. Expenses concerning material and supplies have been increased in the approved budget of 2011 by 4.1 percent to $237,000. The budget has seen a negative trend towards equipments and also cut costs on services and rentals. Equipments were restricted to a decrease of $340,100 by 25.6 percent and service and rents were lowered by 9.4 percent to $901,800. This allocation may bring some significant changes in cost control and the procured fund may be further utilized towards quality services and capital expansion. In the current budget contributions to capital were kept to zero percent i.e. no contribution whatsoever. On the other hand reserve funds have been funded 6 percent lesser than 2010 which amounts to $324,000. Expenses like non-operational or others and interdivisional chares were significantly reduced by 20.8 percent and 0.6 percent respectively (Cohen, Enriquez 2011).

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