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From the overall study in this paper, we have to come to know with the help of past data that the expenses follow an increasing trend which comprises many reasons and the revenues are declining on year-on-year basis. In 2011 total revenues decreased by 3.5 percent compared to a 1.9 percent decrease in expense. The overall impact of the revenue section would reflect performance in services and CACC which is placed at the top most priority by provincial subsidies, the largest sources of revenue for EMS as yet. If only 10 percent of the overall operating budget is given to CACC the expected response time would not be met. On the other hand, the hiring of 30 paramedic staff and 1 supervisor along with the purchase of 6 ambulances must be ensured by the EMS management to improve service quality and hospital off-laid delay situations.

From operations point of view EMS has to confine its expense parameter in operations and operation support services, both of which cover almost 82 percent of the total operating budget leaving no room to breathe for program development and service quality. Revenues from other sources have also been declining on year-on-year basis showing a decrease of 17.6 percent from 2010 leaving EMS to depend heavily on provincial subsidies and capital funds.


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Essay: Improved Services OF EMS Management
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