The Department of Defence (DoD) makes it compulsory for its employees to go through training in security awareness every year. This training in security awareness is designed to put an emphasis on the potential threat of spies, terrorists and the like to be able to gain access to classified info. This info may appear in websites, newspapers, or radio and television news programs, amongst other places. Putting together this kind of info bit by bit, some terrorist or spy or any other malefactor may form a clear, detailed, and comprehensive picture of the DoD and its activities in the nonce. The DoD aims for its people to understand the potential danger in carelessly and casually letting into discussions and throwing around info like something that appears to inconsequential. The dangers involved could be far more serious than it would appear taking into account the nature of such info. This info, when used in combination with that from other sources, can result in putting at risk national security.

Take the example of a sailor, for instance, who goes into a bar and lets it be known that he or she is to be out of the picture for a time. At the same time, a civilian DoD member mentions that he or she is being made to work overtime a lot so as to order more and more supplies. These two bits of info, when put together by one entity looking to cause harm, can cause a trouble for the DoD. Even though this example may a bit too nonrealistic, it portrays one of the most important methods of gathering intelligence. The point here is that every minute detail is important, no matter where it appears. Terrorists usually look out for all such outlets of info where they could hope to glean something useful for their purposes

Essay: Intelligence Gathering in Network Security