Since the democracy has rooted itself as a governing system of many states, the questions regarding voting system have also emerged. One of the most discussed issues is the minimum of casting a vote. In the past, the minimum age of casting a vote was twenty-one years, which was later decreased to eighteen years with the mutual consent of officials related to this department. Presently most of the democratic countries have minimum eighteen years of the vote casting age. Now there has been a debate among many government officials and people related to another concerned field that the minimum age of casting a vote must now be reduced from eighteen to thirteen. Lowering the voting age to thirteen has some advantages as well as disadvantages. This essay will illustrate both.

Lowering the voting age to thirteen years has some prominent benefits. Firstly, it gives the younger generation a chance to participate in the crucial matters of the states. The young generation of the present world is more prudent then older generation. Therefore, they can decide what is right and wrong for the state. Secondly, lowering the voting age will benefit the political parties and candidates participating in the elections. These participants will have a larger supporter-count if young people of thirteen years would also be allowed to vote.

On the flip side, many people believe that a thirteen year old boy/girl is not efficient enough to place his/her vote. At this stage, teenagers cannot judge things wisely due to their lack of experience. They can be easily manipulated and can vote for some particular candidate due to factors which are of no importance. For instance, young people are more impressed by appearances and dressings rather than mental level and knowledge of a person.

Considering above discussion, it can be said that lowering the voting age to thirteen years is not a wise option as a thirteen years old boy or a girl cannot make wise decisions due to lack of experience and knowledge. Voting is a crucial practice; it decides that who is going to govern the state in the future. Therefore, any negligence in this matter will cost a great deal.

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Argumentative Essay: Is lowering the voting age is beneficial?
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