Teenage is a time period where one is high on emotions and can easily become irritated by his / her surroundings. The concept of a joint family can be seen in many eastern countries where people value traditions and want to spend more time with their extended kin. This extended kin includes the uncles, aunties, grandparents, or even in-laws. The advantage of living with the whole family is that there are more people to share your happiness and sorrows with. However, the concept of living with a joint family can be a torture for some teenagers who despite living with a number of people who are constantly whining about other’s matters.

The reason why people are facing difficulties and worry about living with joint family is because relatives tend to poke their noses into other’s matters. The problem with some grandparents or old aunties and uncles is that they tend to interfere with other family member’s activities or constantly become a headache for teenagers who want to live their life in their own way. Living in a joint family would mean that a person’s matters are not their own, they have to be shared with others as well.

Living in a joint family is painful and annoying for teenagers as they are given little or no privacy about their life. Moreover, as a joint family means more people in the family. This would mean that there would be constant noise all over the house which would disrupt the time of studies or peaceful time for children, such as sleeping. Food will have to be shared and other gifts which arrive in the family have to be divided among many people. Therefore, teenagers wish that they lived on their own rather than having to live with a family of many people.

A joint family has its disadvantages but it is a blessing in disguise. One should be happy that their whole family lives together and stays happy together. There are people with no family at all. These people tend to spend their lives alone and long for people to talk to them. Having a joint family means having more members to talk to, to laugh with, and share secrets with. We should all always be content with what we have rather than complaining about minor things. If we have been given the privilege of a joint family, one should take advantage of that situation rather than stressing about it.

Essay: Joint Family System and related problems
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