Lack of discipline among youngsters is a serious social problem that we face. Youngsters are becoming more and more disobedient and rebellious. The main cause of indiscipline among youngsters is their improper upbringing.  Parents and adults are responsible for teaching their children acceptable behaviors to interact with the world as well as to direct their own lives. When children could not get sufficient learning, due to some reasons, they become irresponsible and indiscipline.

Parents have a crucial responsibility towards the mental and physical upbringing of their child. At a young age, child totally depends on his parents. A child expects his parents to cater to his whims and fancy. Parents also aspire to do their best to provide their child with quality life and education. As a result of this, they over pamper their child. Such over pampered children are more likely to become indiscipline youngsters. They know that they will be provided by anything they want. Parents also reluctantly ignore their child’s early rebellious attitude. In his later years, child’s tantrums transform into misconduct with his parents and other people. This bad attitude of a child fosters with the passage of time and the child grows into a disobedient and indiscipline youngster. Therefore, it is very important for parents to inculcate good values and morals in their children at their early age.

Another factor, which triggers the bad behavior of a child, is the lack of significant supervision of both parents. In the present world, there is a trend of both parent working. When both parents work, they leave their child with a babysitter, who reluctantly supervises the child. As a result of this, the child becomes indifferent to his parents and adopt bad habits. Babysitters, indeed, cannot perform the task of supervision, which can be done by parents only. Media also provoke rebellious attitude in youngsters by glorifying violence and rebellion. As youngsters are quite impressionable, they very quickly imitate what they see and observe. Youngsters are even inclined towards different violent video games which are extremely harmful to their mental development.

In a nutshell, the child’s early upbringing plays a key role in molding his personality. Therefore, parents, teacher and other adults must imbue the child with moral values and principles. As soon as a child becomes conscious of the world around him, he should be taught the importance of discipline. Moreover, children must be discouraged to play violent video games, which can manipulate them to adopt those habits which are unacceptable in a society.

Research Paper on Lack of discipline among youngsters