What Leicester City are doing at the moment, and have been doing for the entirety of the 2015-2016 season of the English Premier League, is unheard of. Unheard of in this league, that is. We saw the rise of Atletico de Madrid under the charismatic and brilliant Diego Simeone two years ago as they went all the way in La Liga against all odds and against the two best teams in the world, one of whom was going to outlast them the same season in the UEFA Champions League: Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid. Atletico became the poor man’s Real Madrid that season as they held off competition from the two of the most decorated and glamorous side in world football to win the league.

Claudio Ranieri and his charges at Leicester have also done something of this ilk, as they have left everyone eating their dust as they now find themselves five points clear at the top of the table ahead of Tottenham Hotspur, another surprise package team this season. But at least Spurs have been knocking on this door for some time now. No one at the start of the season expected this band of hardworking, adventurous young men to be even near the top spots even halfway through the season at Christmas. But no one told them that either. With Arsenal only bringing in the excellent Cech in the goalkeeping position, the top spots were expected to be contended for by the likes of Louis Van Gaal’s free-spending Manchester United, the oil-powered Manchester City, and the defending champions Chelsea. But in a season that saw Chelsea collapse right from the start, Manchester United never finding their form, and Manchester City seemingly distracted by off-field developments regarding Pep Guardiola taking over at the end of the season from Manuel Pellegrini, Leicester have taken advantage brilliantly and deserve nothing to be taken from them as they march on as the neutrals’ favorite for the title.

Essay:Leicester are the new Atletico
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