The Nobel-Prize winner, great Irish playwright and socialist, George Bernard Shaw has perfectly uttered the importance of change by saying, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”. Change is another name of progress or moving forward. Those who adhere to same lifestyle end up living a static life. It is always good to welcome new challenges in your life; it makes your life more interesting and spice things up.

It is a common philosophical thought that stagnant water soon becomes contaminated. In the same way, inactive and static life becomes boring and gloomy. Flux in a part of nature, or nature itself is in constant flux. The natural order of the universe works by the law of flux or change. Every new day our universe experiences new changes, new spatial bodies, new planets, etc. Even our mother earth faces different changes in the form of extreme weather conditions or natural alterations. This proofs that change is a necessary part of our lives. The way universe and earth change its pattern and shape, the same way human beings must also embrace changes and new challenges in their lives.

Change is basically a continuity of life with a new context. It is also a way to wipe off the boredom from one’s life. When people do same things, day in and day out, they often become tired of their lives. To escape their sluggish lives they often opt for some changes, like going on a trip.  Some people also change their whole outlook of life by quitting the existing job and applying for new one for their career growth. Such people like to embrace new challenges and learn new skills and talents. A person can also know his or her hidden talents by providing himself/herself an opportunity to change the existing pattern of life. On the other hand, those people who avoid changing their existing living pattern have limited scope of career growth as they inherit the inability to adopt new things and skills. These people deprive themselves from endless opportunities that life offers to them.

In short, it is better to accept new challenges and changes in our lives because it is the law of nature. Human beings are blessed with the ability to become adaptive to new patterns of lives. To thrive in a society one has to change. Therefore, it is better to embrace change rather than resisting it.


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