In this materialistic world, everyone is in a quest to beg material success. In this quest, people often ignore moral principles that were once considered important. Now people are judged by their material possession and social status rather their moral principles such as honesty, kindness, trust, etc. the person with a bigger house would have much respect than a person with a small house. The car one owns is a badge of respect in this world. Moral values, which differentiate human beings from other animals, are gradually losing their importance.  

In the past, people were judge by their honesty, kindness and other moral values. Such people were regarded as most respectable people on which other people can easily trust. A good character was considered as a parameter to judge someone’s worth.  A person with the trait of honesty used to be hailed by his or her peers as a good person. Anyone’s material possession was not important for anyone. However, since the world has been hit by industrialization, life has become a competition for everyone. Everyone wants to take the lead. In their competition with others, people have become indifferent to whatever path they are choosing. People are now often indulging in unethical activities in their material quest. They never shudder by the thought of deceiving others. Deception and dishonesty has become a norm of present society. Every single person seems to embrace these values. In fact, such unethical practices are not even considered wrong in the present world. And moral principles such as honesty and trust are taken as hurdles in the path of success.

To gain the respect of others, either one must has good momentary value or significant social status. People assume it inferior to use cheap cell phones or to drive less expensive cars. To do away with this inferiority complex they practice unethical or even illegal practices to change their life by earning a lot of money.  The expectations of love ones also manipulate one to choose wrong path for the acquisition of wealth. People with huge villas and expensive cars are always praised and liked by others. No matter how bad one’s character is, if he/she has an enormous momentary worth then people will surely bow down to him/her.

It is a shame to affirm that indeed present world judge people by their social status and their material worth rather than their character. Unfortunately, superficiality has outweighed important moral values in our present world.

Essay: Is material possession a parameter to judge someone’s worth?
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