Jacques Derrida’s deconstruction is mostly about the objection on the pre-existing theory of structure. It was believed that the purpose of the structure is to control, orient, organize; the moment one loss the center, there very moment he starts to feel unanchored.  Derrida asserts that there is no such center, and says that the whole structure of criticism is standing on something that is indefinable, i.e. center.

The traditional concept of center is that it is the limit. The center is a self-identical word which cannot be defined by other words. Things are understood with the reference to the center and keep changing according to it. But center remains same, even if one cannot understand it. The center is absolute, as no substitution is possible in it. The reason why there was so much importance given to the centre is because with a center one feels dislocated and becomes the victim of anxiety. Derrida totally denies the existence of any center. He asserts that the concept of the center is just created to overcome the anxiety. According to him, the constitution of all things is irrational. The foundation of all reason is imagination. Things are by nature irrational, imposing a center to things is an attempt to make all things reasonable.

According to the traditional belief, the center is within and outside at the same time. Derrida says it is an explicit contradiction. West critics knew that there is no definite structure, but they keep on maintaining the structurality of the structure. Rationality is self-contradicting and west critics and philosophers kept repressing it. They were actually trying to repress the possibility of uncertainty. This way Derrida questioned the conscious central philosophy of west. The moment of Derrida’s deconstruction and new critical approach is that language is the core problem of human beings.

No word has its meaning in itself. It always depends upon other words. Every word has a tendency to describe another words and create a chain of un-ending signifiers. Therefore, meaning is nothing but a free play. Derrida believe that human beings are entangled in a trap of language and we cannot do without it .

The whole traditional criticism, before Derrida, had been rigorously rational and structural.  There used to thing that there is language and meaning and meaning is prior to language. This way of thinking is based on the notion theta language is sensible and meaning is intelligible. Derrida says that there is nothing tangible but sensible.

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Essay on Jacques Derrida’s Deconstruction
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