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Focused interaction is an essential tool for creating a definitive picture of the opinions, comments and judgments the employees of the bank have about the management information system. Semi structured interviews conducted by me, covering the various levels of the banks organization, and analyzing the impressions of each of these personnel with relation to the IT system through out the managerial hierarchy.

Focus groups allow for constructive debate on the problems faced by individuals and their possible solutions. Generally consisting from three to five individuals, with me as a moderator, common issues regarding the management system, its benefits, loopholes and other important aspects that this research study covers can be expressively debated.

Throughout the course of this research, an increased knowledge base from the questionnaires, interviews and group discussion will expose common problems, past or present that the firm has or will overcome. These decisions, the rationale behind them and the lessons learnt for the organization can all be included in case study method.

Since the spoken language of SA is Arabic, many areas of the research will be conducted in Arabic. As a native speaker, my language skills will allow me to understand these interactions effectively and extract meanings as well as translating them to English.

Appropriate journals researches and data banks will be accessed throughout the course of this research study to be on the forefront of technological progress and innovative applications of management information systems worldwide.

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Essay: Management Information System in Saudi Arabia
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