Karl Marx is the pioneering figure of communism and it would not be wrong to say that he was the founder of communism. Communism is a planned economic system in which the government controls and distributes resources of a country equally among the citizens. In communism, all the workers get similar wages. The resources of the country are equally distributed among the citizens. The main purpose of communism is to create a society in which there is equality among people and no individual is allowed to have more resources than others do. Karl Max was a great philosopher, thinker, and revolutionist socialist. He firmly believed in the equality among all the classes and members of a society. In order to understand him and his teachings, it is important to understand him first.

Karl Marx was born in Prussia, in the province of Rhine. He was born at 2:00 AM of May 5, 1818. He was son of Henriette and Hirschel Marx. His father, Hirschel Marx was a very rich lawyer and was a Jew. He started to show interest in social science and even to develop his own theories about how social and economic activities affect the life of each member of a particular society.

Karl Marx’s views on communism had the main role in influencing world politics. His philosophy emphasized on an idea of a central government, which could control every aspect of individual’s life. In his opinion, there were no personal items, everything belonged to a central government including wealth and resources, and it was responsible for distributing that among the citizens of the country equally. According to his philosophy, there were no upper or lower classes in a society. His concept was based on empowering the Proletariats (working class) and minimizing the stronghold of Bourgeois (the upper class) over a country’s wealth and resources.

Karl Marx strongly criticized capitalism which is a free market economic system. In capitalism, private owners of businesses have the power to determine demand, supply and price factors and there is no government intervention. According to Karl Marx, capitalism is not based on equality and thus, can create revolt among the Proletariats against members of the upper class who enjoy financial stability, power and luxury. The Bourgeois in capitalistic economy try to increase their profit margins by paying Proletariats minimal wages and this can result in revolt.

His distinctive and revolutionizing understanding of the social order in relation to the capital has shaped up most of the modern economic teachings. He The Communist Manifesto (1848) and Das Kapital (1867–1894) are claimed as his most influential works.

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