There are mainly two ways of attaining knowledge, one is from written text of books or other mediums and other is from personal experience. A person learns different ideas and understands different concepts either by comprehending the words scattered on the pages of books or from different experiences of his life. The knowledge from experience has a lasting impression on the mind of an individual as compared to the knowledge gained from books.

When a child starts to develop his conscious of his surroundings, he begins to learn different things. As soon as an individual reaches such learning stage, he gets an admission to a primary school, where he confronts with a number of textbooks. An individual learns to read words and learn new concepts in the school and continues this learning concept until he dies. The education, no doubts, plays an important part in shaping up the personality of an individual. A good book and impressive words can change the attitude of a person to a great deal. However, the knowledge gained from books is limited. Every single book has a different context, thus kindles limited concepts. Moreover, if the words on the page are not practiced, they are highly likely to be forgotten with the passage of time.

On the other hand, the knowledge gained from experience has a lasting impression on the mind of an individual. A book can inculcate safety rules inside the mind of an individual, but these rules can never outshine the safety instinct developed due to the live experience of a horrible accident. A person keeps on reading words on morality thought his life, but these words are of no use until morality is being practiced or experienced. James Russell Lowell has rightly said; “One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning”.

Who has come first; the chicken or the egg? This question may not have answered till date, but it can be said with surety that experience came before the text of that particular experience appeared on a textbook. The Newton experienced the falling of an apple from the tree and due to this experience, he resolved the mystery of the gravity. We all have read the law of gravitation during our educational years, but without the priceless experience of Newton, his theory would not have existed. Simply put, knowledge gained from experience is better and more lasting than the knowledge gained from books.

Argumentative Essay on Knowledge from books vs. knowledge from experience
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