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This is also practiced amongst the staff to create unity. Justice is calculated by distributing the salary and incentives genuinely, according to Aristotle’s principle of distributive justice. Aristotle’s principle focuses on distribution according to need, effort, contribution, merit and free-market exchange of the person.

All of the principles are based on legal rules and regulation, so, these have to be practiced universally because if, these rules are not followed medical staff might have to pay a legal penalty which might ruin their career.

For the staff to be ethical, secondary requirements should also be fulfilled, in order to, complete the primary requirements or legal requirements mentioned above. The secondary requirements are the appearance of the medical staff members, attitude with the patients and way of treatment with the patient. Amongst all of the medical staff members, we will discuss role of Paramedics in this essay why ethics are so important in paramedics

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Essay: How to Create Unity in Medical Staff?
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