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An essential concept to be covered is the negative consequences associated with consuming energy drinks mixed with alcohol (Benac 2011). The United States regulatory agency, the Food and Drug Administration has shown swift resolve and followed conclusive evidence that points towards major harm caused by mixing energy drinks with alcohol. In issuing warning letters to manufacturers of these mixed energies and alcoholic beverages, the FDA has set the standard for other nations, with these bans sure to lead to a substantial limit on the sale of these harmful concoctions worldwide. These drinks commonly referred to as ‘blackout in a can’ and ‘liquid crack’ are known to increase the chances of alcohol poisoning, vomiting, and loss of consciousness (Troop 2010). For young teenagers and adolescents, these drinks are especially damaging as they are inexperienced with regards to alcohol consumption. Research has also been conducted that shows that energy drink consumption may have a link with non-medical drug abuse and illicit drug abuse (Arria et al 2010).

My main mode of research will be a one-page questionnaire which will include approximately eight to nine questions. The answers for these will be filled out on a predetermined scale; assessing the test subject’s perception about energy drinks (Do you think energy drinks are useful?). Some background of the subject’s previous use on energy drinks may also be incorporated to gain a comprehensive picture. My chosen target segment for this research will be 19-21-year-old college students. Questions such as, Do you think energy drinks help in staying awake? And do you think energy drinks should be used as a study aid? The results of my study will be divided according to age group and sex. Depending on the conclusions made from the survey we can assess the uses of energy drinks and come closer to understanding the perceived uses of energy drinks amongst younger individuals.

By using a scale for measuring surveyee responses, a greater degree of accuracy can be introduced to the research analysis and be coming to an appropriate conclusion is an amalgamated process.

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Essay: Essential Concept and research on Energy Drinks
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