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HRD has gained credibility in leading SHRM activity and this can be proved with case studies. HRD helps SHRM to reduce the challenges that it usually faces because it provides a framework to develop new strategies that reduce the challenges and help the organization come up with innovative ideas. SHRM faces three challenges one as at Dell is the need to support corporate productivity and performance improvement efforts since globalization has led to competition.

Dell runs its HR via its web where its employees handle applications. The company has been involved in cost cutting but via the web all tasks can be performed via applications on the web which is easier plus they can even administer their own 401(k) plans via the web and even check for job postings etc. This is an effective and low cost strategy employed by Dell. Second is employees play an expanded role in employer’s performance improvement efforts like all the high elements associated withToyotaand third is that employers see that their human resource units must be more involved in designing and not just executing the company’s strategic plan. HRD helps SHRM activities to be implemented effectively.

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Essay: Human resource development & SHRM
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