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HRD is essential and programs like talent management or recruitment of talent help implement SHRM effectively since it is important to have a strategy. HRD provides the basis for SHRM to develop strategies that attract new and effective talent and also retain talent within the organization. It is important to find out what is important to the staff and interaction is a better way to know the employee personally.

HRD also helps to train managers to take the right decisions like in the case of Standard Chartered they have a regular appraisal and it depends on the local manager to take an effective decision that is good for the company. This case study was a detailed analysis of SHRM in the light of HR specifically in Standard Chartered. Thus, HRM is essential for every organization in today’s world and the role of HR has become very significant lately. HRM is all about people and they make an organization. The employees have needs and if their needs are not satisfied then they tend to switch to other organizations and that increases turnover for the employees. The companies can adopt strategies that help to improve attraction of new employees and help retain employees. There are policies that a company can adopt in order to become the employer of choice in the market. An organization can adopt strategies and become the best in the market and be able to retain the best employees and attract the best ones in the market.

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Essay: HRD; Human Resource Development
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