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The world has evolved dramatically with automobiles, steel, tire and various other industries had erupted during the industrial revolution. A number of countries came into the limelight likeJapan,Germany, andTaiwanagainst the European Union.

Organizations make up a nation because they provide jobs, earnings, standard of living; they influence lifestyles and at times culture. Without organizations a country can never grow. Some developing nations are dependent on imported stuff and that has adversely affected their domestic market which is the main reason why these countries never develop and are either taken over by an influential culture or vanish from the face of the earth. On the other hand who makes the organizations? It’s the people who make an organization and without people the organization is just a still building with equipment which is useless because it’s the human mind that commands control over these still things and turns them into gold for nations.

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Essay: Global Human Resource Management
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