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Guest service management is a concept which is very common in the functions of hospital and hospitality management. The guest service management is the concept of providing the customers, i.e. the guests, with relevant services to make their stay convenient and satisfactory according to their expectations. This concept allows businesses to establish a one on one relationship with their customers through which they are able to identify and research the requirements of the customers pertaining to the products and services offered and customizing the product and service to better suit their needs and fall above their expectations.

Guest service basically involves identifying the type of customers that walk in into the hotel or hospitality facility and proving them with the suitable and expected services. The management of the guest reservation,. Client settling in process and adjustment of the rooms and infrastructure to the needs and the requirements of the guests and the clients takes precedence. However as the infrastructure of the hospitality establishment cannot be altered to a great extent, it is recommended that in order to be dynamic and efficient in terms of guest service management, the businesses should allow room for changes at the time of the establishment of the facility.

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Essay: Guest Service Management
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