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The taste of the fast food is much more interesting and enjoyable by the children as consumers and they are less likely to be weight conscious or health food or diet conscious. As a result the major portions of the sales in the fast food industry go to the children.

Moreover the convenience and the availability of the fast food at the back of a call or a simple order, resulting in saving time for children as well as the parents making it an attractive alternative to evening snacks and home cooked lunch meals. This is especially true for families where both parents are employed and leading very busy corporate lives. The increasing trend of single parent families is also leading to the adoption of fast food as an alternative source of food and meals for the children.

“ The $537 billion restaurant industry, in particular, gears a large amount of its advertising, promotions and menu choices to meet the needs of children.” (Pellegrini, 2007) The children are the most powerful customers that are available to the fast food industry. They are the main influencers in the decision making procedure and cycle for most house holds.

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Essay: Fast Food Taste
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