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The size of the fast food market is immense, and what is a more staggering number is that the children in the market account for 51.8 billion dollar’s worth of spending in the fast food market. That is a very large proportion of spending to be attributed to any group, let alone children. While it would not have been much of a problem for the children to be eating more food, the concept of eating high level and quantities of fast food makes the issue of child health and future safety a crucial issue.

Previously studies have shown that fast food tends to increase the fat consumption in adults, making them crave more food while storing the fat leading to high level of obesity in the adults. However when this food is consumed by the children, obesity is not the only risk faced by them. The much fashion and appearance oriented American society specially that in schools and high schools tends to shun children who are pudgy or fat whereby increasing the risk of mental and other health problems that can be created as a result of childhood obesity and consumption of high levels of fast food from an early age.

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Essay: Fast Food and Children Health
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