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Guest Service Management is an intangible product and service as it cannot be seen, felt or tasted or senses through the normal senses of human beings. This service is intangible in nature as it can be provided and sold and experienced but not seen. However it is possible for the constituents or the components of services and products offered through guest service management to be intangible, the main service remains intangible. The tangible as aspects of the service pertain to the room service, the room stay, the hotel services and infrastructure, the hotel aids and assistance provided as well as the efficient training of the staff at the hotel to provide exceptionally good products like fine dining and food.

The intangibility of the service is further intensified by the characteristic pertaining to the diversity of the service provided though the guest service management. The complete ambiance, and quality and the various intermediate products and services provided as mentioned above come under the guest service management making it hard to put a picture or name on the service. Moreover the intangible aspect also makes it difficult to measure the effectiveness of the service as well as its satisfaction level for the customers.

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Essay:Guest Service Management as an Intangible Service
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