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Bacharach and Bamberger (2007) have conducted a detailed study for the purpose of their research both through secondary sources as well as through primary research based on observations and tests on the data collection through a questionnaire based survey. This renders a comprehensive collection of data resources for the research enabling the context of the research to be explorative as well as exhaustive. The reliability of the responses was also ensured by limiting the respondent inclusion to only those firefighters to who belonged to only 101 companies.

The findings of the research provide that the post traumatic distress does in fact affect the relationship between the involvement intensity of the situation and the resultant negative emotional states pertaining to stress and anxiety. This effect however can be varies and different over the different work units. Similarly it was also discovered through the research that the support environment after the traumatic incident and the control environment after the traumatic incident both influenced the intensity of the involvement of the firefighter in the present states if depression, anxiety and stress. Another significant finding which was made pertained to the discovery that the control environment for the employ has a salient role in influencing the relationship between the post event distress and the highlighted negative emotional states. On the other hand the employee support environment plays a minor role in attenuating the relationship between the post event distress and the negative emotional states.

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Essay: Bacharach and Bamberger’s Research
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