In the course of this dissertation, the automobile related industry has been analsysed form the point of view of the operation design and structure, the management philosophies on which the industry is being run and the specific changes that have taken place over the past decades which are making way for evolution of the business practices in the automobile industry.

The industry has been assessed form the point of view of the supplier, the dealers, the logistic companies as well as the automobile manufacturer. However, it needs to be highlighted that the perspective of the automobile manufacturer was the more dominant one employed as the responsibility and the authority for the management of the supply chain lies with the manufacturer of the motor vehicles in the industry.

Through the research and analysis conducted it was determined that the Toyota Production System is one of the most popular approached towards management and operations planning and development. The companies specific to the automotive industry as well as other industries like the retail industry and the health care industry are keenly interested in the Toyota Production System.

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Dissertation on Automobile Industry
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