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A DSL internet is a Digital Subscriber Line based internet where the user is directly connected with a telecom company which provides the user with a dedicated high speed phone line for the internet which results in a constant bandwidth every time a consumer connects to the internet. The bandwidth which is offered by the DSL ranges from 128 KBPS to 1.54 MBPS. The cable or broadband internet on the other hand uses coaxial cable for transfer and communication.

This form of the internet is provided by cable service providers who provide the TV signals and digital video streaming to consumers. This form of the internet link is shared with other consumers clustered by the cable service providers in their distribution network. As a result the speed and the bandwidth may be compromised if many consumers are using the link at the same time. The bandwidths offered by broadband pertains to an average of 500 KBPS to 700 KBPS.

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Essay: Digital Subscriber Line
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