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The different type of conformities that are depicted by people in different situations is based on the factors influencing them to conform. In most cases the conformity is towards hanging their social apparent role so as to seem important and significant in the eyes of those whose respect and acceptance is sought by the individual.

In other cases conformity takes the form of changing ones social role to another as it may seem fit according to the structure of the society and their expectations. Aside from this conformity for people can also include making a statement by creating a position of authority and power for one self. In other cases, conformity can pertain to taking on a role in a role playing game and then internalizing the role as being true instead of simply an act. This form of conformity usually takes place when the individual has lack of information and knowledge about his original roles in the society and is easily impressionable. In such cases the conformity to new roles is very fast and more lasting.

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Essay: Different Forms of Conformity
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