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The data that was collected through the primary study undertaken for the purpose of this project was in the form of comments and responses to the questions asked in the questionnaire. The qualitative nature of the questionnaire as well as the repossesses provided by the respondents was restricted to only providing the qualitative analysis of the information gathered. The analysis was performed on the basis of the co-relevant and significant issues being highlighted by the respondents who were professionals employed in the automobile industry.

The findings were interpreted through the use of comparison and contrast with the data available in the literature review. The information provided in the literature review and the one collected by the primary study undertaken was both very similar in terms of the themes and the issues that were raised. However while the literature review provided us with information which was more focused towards the use of the Toyota production system and how the success of the Toyota company has been because of lean production, quality control, organizational leaning, and continuous flow of operation, the primary research undertaken provided that the automobile industry has adopted the relational nature if supply chain models as depicted under the Toyota production system, however the environmental forces acting on the companies which reside outside Japan often raise critical issues in terms of management and approach. The result have therefore been concluded that in order to relevantly apply lean production and operation strategies the companies in the global automobile industry should focus on getting to know their companies and their operations before they implement a foreign concept of management.

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Essay: Data Analysis of research on Toyota Productions
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