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The Daimler AG is a company of European origin which has its headquarters inStuttgart. The company is listed on the New York and the Frankfurt stock exchange. Daimler AG has its primary operations in the regions of theAmericas, and the Western Europe.

“The group has 100 manufacturing facilities all over the world, of which 19 are located in Germany and 35 are in theUS. Most of the remaining facilities are in Brazil, Canada, France, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Spain and Turkey. Daimler divides its business into four segments: Mercedes car group, truck group, financial services, and others.” (‘Automobiles Industry Profile: Global’, 2008) The Mercedes Group is responsible for development and designing as well as manufacturing and selling the passenger cars, the luxury cars as well as the sports vehicles under the brand name of the Mercedes Benz. The Truck group is responsible for the manufacture and sales of the heavy trucks and buses which are used for commercial purposes. The Financial Services segment is responsible for providing the Daimler customers with highly customized and specific car leasing packages for corporate as well as personal use. The Other segments of the company invest in the development of military and industrial vehicles.

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Essay: Daimler AG
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