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While the watch and clock industry in the Czech Republicis dominated by the Swiss watch industry, the Hong Kong and Japan based watch companies are also becoming increasingly popular with their timepieces that are manufactured for the masses.

The Porter’s analysis of the industry indicates that the buyers’ power in the industry is very high as they tend to drive the demand for the luxury and the more casual time pieces. Customization in the industry for the affluent clients is also very high. The supplier power in the industry is moderate as the suppliers form relationships with the manufactures in the industry which limits their power. The rivalry in the market is very string especially between the more affordable watch manufactures. The Swiss watch companies however have made a place for themselves in the niche markets resulting in a moderate level of healthy rivalry for them. The threat for substitutes in the industry is low while the threat if new entrants are paramount with the changes taking place in the industry after the entry of theHong Kongbased clock and watch manufactures.

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Essay: Czech Republic’s Watch Industry Analysis
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