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Customer satisfaction is one of the benefits of proper and beneficial service quality implementation. Specific to the airline industry, customer satisfaction is gauged from the experience of the customer in terms of terminal services, in-flight services and those pertaining to reservation, booking and baggage handling. Additionally the scope of the services offered by the airlines is increased to land based services specific to car rental and hotel transfer and transportation as well.

In the year 2004 the Singapore Airlines was awarded the Passenger Service Award for the satisfaction provided to the customers and the innovations through which new service standards  are set I the airline industry. (‘PASSENGER SERVICE:SingaporeAirlines’, 2004) Similarly a survey conducted by Quest for Quality on the customer satisfaction level and the performance e of the airlines depicted that “airlines that provide first-class customer service and consistently deliver freight on-time include Southwest Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa” (‘Winning Wingers’, 2006).  The survey reported that Singapore Airlines had a weighted score of 35.14 based on timely performance, value, information technology, customer service and equipment & operations.

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Essay: Customer Satisfaction specific to Airlines
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