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Other customer oriented services being offered by Singapore Airlines pertain to email and internet service for customers during the flight. Previously this service was not possible as the use of such communication technology on board used to hamper the navigation system of the plane. Now however working in collaboration with Boeing the company has come up with a global satellite based email service. “ It operates through the IFE system, an additional server and the aircraft telephony system.

Passengers who preregister their computer access information and bring a laptop for the flight can send and receive e-mail or browse selected Web sites. A reputation for superior service is a two edged sword, Boyd said.Singaporereaps premium revenues, but must lead the industry in in-flight product development. Its passengers pay extra for it, expect no less and are disappointed if they don’t get it.” (Velocci Jr. & Bond, 2001)

Other innovative services that are being offered by Singapore Airlines to improve customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty include specific business class privileges in flight which include lie in flat bed seats, remote check in facilities as well as lounge services in a aesthetically well decorated and set up customer waiting service lounge (Clark, 2006). In addition to this the Singapore Airlines has also adopted special seat layout programs to avoid squashing of the seats and employment of strategic seat set up in their aircrafts.

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Essay: Customer oriented services by Singapore Airlines
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