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The research selected for the purpose of critical analysis is one undertaken by researchers at the Nanyang University in Singapore. The study aims to determine the trends and practices as well as the consumer perceptions pertaining to the traditional Chinese (TCM) and the Western Medicines. The different forms of traditional Chinese medicine that are employed in the market pertain to the use of acupuncture, herbal medicines as well as tuina. The study highlights that the traditional Chinese medicine is a natural part of the culture in Singapore where the study took place, however when the Western medicine is also widely available, people tend to opt for the use of the Western medicine as the industry for it is more regulated by the government and more controlled and reliable as opposed to the traditional Chinese medicine.

The critique analysis the study from the aspect of the design and administration of the study while highlighting the population and the experimental units that were employed in the study. The procedure of the study has been illustrated and analyzed in terms of what was measured and how it was measures. The aspect of blinding has also been taken into account. The graphical and the numerical analysis conducted in the study are commented upon in terms of its validity, and the extent to which the results of the data analysis can be generalized t the population.

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Essay: Critical analysis of research at Nanyang University
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