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These changes have brought in considerable changes in culture all over the world but communication between the various cultures has a connecting wire between them thus providing something in common through fast food and coke. Media has played an essential role in terms of communication since now the world is a global marketplace with all basic channels on air in every part of the world (Mackay, 1999).

Globalization has brought in lifestyle and cultural changes but such changes are common amongst different cultures. For example; Philips was a complicated company and it decided to simplify and tone down the company. Philips transformation was down to adapting its international marketing strategies to a great extend because the company wanted to organize itself all markets. They believe that consumer electronics are all about lifestyles and the way people live their lives. So keeping in mind the competition it faces by Sony the company’s international marketing strategies and operations led to the transformation. The company was transformed in order to fit with the international arena and to support their international activities and operations. This transformation was due to the company’s international activities and operations. Thus, now products signify lifestyles and culture which facilitate intercultural globalization in communication. Globalization has intensified competition which has led to all these significant changes (Herman, 1997).

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Essay: Changes Brought by Globalization
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