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Five dimensions of service quality can be used to measure the gap of service quality at AIA.  Five generic dimensions of service quality identified by Parasuraman et al. (1973, 1991) that need to be an essential component of service delivery to result in customer satisfaction. These are service reliability, staff responsiveness, quality assurance, consumers’ empathy, and tangibles. This model explains service quality as a gap between customer’s expectations (E) and the perception of the service providers’ performance (P). If the difference is positive the organization added value in services but if the performance lags behind the expectations, consumers feel dissatisfaction. If the non-weighted compensatory models are used to assesses service quality, they conclude that consumers make trade-offs of one quality attribute for another in decision making processes, i.e. a weaker attribute can compensated by a stronger service feature to give an overall satisfaction.

The critical incident test used for this analysis mentioned a situation at passport control counter, where an unexpected rush of passengers has created due to late arrival of few flights. As a small airport, they scarcely faced these types of unusual situations. Although they have tried to manage it with proper announcements, but a proactive planning for these situations, arrangement of reserve staff and more counters to deal with extra traffic can help them to overcome the gap of demand and supply. Also, proper entertainment of waiting passengers with available free hot drinks can change a panic situation to a light enjoying experience. Some out of the way measures, presence of managerial staff, and contingency planning would certainly help the organization to achieve better results in future.

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Essay: Balancing Demand and Supply
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