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We know that there is a lot of discrimination and that many people think that women are more apt to stay home and take care of their children and family. Women are about one third of all MBA graduates in law and medicine. Things are changing over the years but the change as we know is really slow. We cannot say that this decision of concentrating on building the nest instead of breaking the glass ceiling is only due to discrimination. More women compared to men might be taking this decision by themselves, because it is the decision they are expected to make (Jamieson).

A very important aspect of this research study which has been pointed out is sabbaticals that have become an important terminology for working mothers who wish to build the nest. These mothers take a long and often a permanent break from their careers in order to tend to their children. But some who return after a long time compromise on compensation and positions acquired since a woman who has been home and away from work for years is definitely not the same competent woman anymore. This shall be the focus of our research that women choose to build the nest and that is why the glass ceiling effect has prevailed for this long. But discrimination is a result of the general attitude of women since they focus more on their homes than work and our questionnaire has helped to prove this information.

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Essay: Breaking the Glass Ceiling
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