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The automotive industry in UKhas two major components; manufacturing and retail. The product complexity of this industry sets standards for other industries such as aerospace and operates on effective economies of scale. 1.45 million cars and 203,000 commercial cars were manufactured in the UKduring 2008. 2.4% of the world’s vehicles are manufactured in the UKwhich makes it the fourth largest in Europeand twelfth largest in the world (BIS, 2010).

The automotive industry in the UKis competitive enough to face the challenges of the 21st century therefore, theindustry poses competitive pressures to innovate, provide value to the customer and while developing cost-cutting strategies to maintain economies of scale. Enviornmental protection and safety standards pose a challenge to theindustry by restricting the type of vehicles that can be manufactured yet theindustry imposes competitive pressures to maintain and develop competitive advantage within the restrictions. The south east asian market is competitive enough to pose a threat to theUK automotive market. The automotive industry in UK contributes 0.8% to the GDP (BIS, 2010).

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Essay: Automotive Industry Analysis