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All the recommendations of this guideline have been categorized into four categories from A to D. These categories determine the level of evidence available for a particular recommendation. The strengths of all the recommendations have also been determined and they have been grouped into five categories ranging from strong evidence to insufficient evidence. Each recommendation also has a conclusion grade and a statement label whether it is conditional or imperative. A grading system devised by Green in 2000 was used to categorize the levels of evidence for a particular recommendation (Green, 2000). The grading of recommendations was based on the system provided by American Academy of Pediatrics (ADA, 2004).

There are a number of recommendations which have been suggested in this guideline to manage adult obesity. It is imperative that BMI and waist circumference should be used for the classification of obesity. These two measures should also be used for follow up and continuous assessment of obese patients to determine the impact of treatment and its effectiveness in managing and reducing weight. In various studies BMI and waist circumference have been associated with obesity and the risk of developing many other diseases due to its complications ((ADA), May 2006).

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Essay: Adult Obesity
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