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The company can follow certain strategies to retain staff and these strategies will also help to attract new talent and they are as follows:

  • Ask: It is important to ask and inquire in order to know what the employee is going through and what they need. But there is a simple warning that asking increases expectations among the employees.
  • Exit interviews: It is important to do exit interviews with the employees who are leaving the organization because they can tell the truth about what is going on within the organization. The data collected can be used to overcome the problems and that which is lacking within the firm. This will help to provide to the employees the best in order to retain them.
  • Post-employment checkups: This is a proactive strategy since it suggests to interview employees when after a certain time period to which they have been hired. It is favorable to do check up interviews within 60-90 days.
  • What works for you? The managers should themselves analyze their position to what they want from the organization and things they like or dislike about the company. This will help provide an insight of what employees would like or dislike. Since one should like for another for what one likes for oneself.
  • MBWA: Management by walking around. This might lead to suspicion but employees will get used to it eventually. Walking around and carrying out significant conversations with employees will help to know what they are going through at work. Observing while talking rounds can be helpful in collecting a lot of employee related data.

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Essay: Strategies to Attract New Talent
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