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Purpose of the article: The article is about modern manufacturing techniques and continuous improvement so it includes Kaizen and Kanban. The research is based on aUK based company Money Controls Ltd which has manufacturing sites inUSA as well. The entire manufacturing process including controls and motivation of team members is discussed but in the light of the company.

Method of Research: Descriptive research by distributing questionnaires and interviews from management of the organization in focus.

Findings: The research findings are that the organization’s system of management and motivated employees and they are truly an innovative company and they have come up with solutions for money frauds as well.

Significance: The control system discussed in light of the organization and the manufacturing system in operation can be used for bread manufacturing for effective results.

Strengths of the article: The article includes all control systems and a manufacturing system that is effective in terms of motivated workforce and adherence to standards with minimized frauds and discrepancies.

Weaknesses of the article: The article is limited to Money Controls Ltd only.

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Essay: Money Controls cashes in on continuous improvement
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