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Fingerprints are unique marks and patterns formed due to the ridges on the hands of human beings. “Fingerprints are the result of oils from the skin being left behind. Ridges on the skin, called friction ridges, create a pattern that is transferred as an individual print.” (Ely, 2004)These are unique for every person and as a result are used to identify the person. In early times fingerprinting was used to ensure authentication and to avoid forgery of documents. While it is possible for humans to change the structure of their bodies through workout, exercise and survey as well as change their facial appearance, it is very hard for a person to falsify their fingerprints. A child’s appearance and outlook can change as he grows older however the fingerprint and the DNA of the child remains the same.

 This is why fingerprinting is extensively used as a tool of forensic science and investigation.  In the early times, as far back as “in ancient Babylon, fingerprints were used on clay tablets for business transactions. In ancient China, thumb prints were found on clay seals.” (‘History of Fingerprinting’, 2007) Moreover “in 14th centuryPersia, various official government papers had fingerprints (impressions), and one government official, a doctor, observed that no two fingerprints were exactly alike.” (‘History of Fingerprinting’, 2007)

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Essay: Background of Fingerprinting
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