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It is usually the father or the bread earner who decides what to buy in terms of high commitment items, while the mother tends to decide what consumer items and food items to buy. However her decision is largely influenced by the choice of the toddlers, infants and the children who only eat selective food items, the fast food ranking high in their favorite list.

Therefore instead of wasting time or buying something the children will not eat the parents tend to give them what they want. “Today’s toddler is tomorrow’s customer, after all. And children these days have unprecedented power over where the family eats and what they are allowed to order. According to a 2005 study by WonderGroup, aCincinnatibased youth and family marketing firm, children’s influence on products purchased at fast food restaurants was 68 percent.” (Pellegrini, 2007)

However the restaurants are now adjusting their menus and updating their product offerings to come up with a menu which is favorable to the parents in terms of health and diet consciousness as well as appeals to the children. “This summer alone, Burger King has introduced kid-friendly chicken fries and crown-shaped chicken nuggets for its kids’ meals, while offering three new Xbox games for $3.99 when a Value Meal is purchased.

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Essay: Fast Food Industry and Consumers
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